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From Weightloss to Self-Love


When asked about my weight loss journey, I would often simplify it by saying, "I hired a trainer and changed my diet." However, the truth is far deeper. Like many others who struggle with weight, I had attempted various diets and exercise programs without success. I realized that my lack of self-love was the root cause, leading to self-sabotage and giving up.

Even though many things had improved in my life, I still felt hopeless about losing weight and finding happiness in my body. The lowest point came during my 20-year college reunion. As a former athlete, I found myself over 100 lbs. overweight and in poor physical condition. Lingering pain from a previous attempt at exercise only added to my discouragement.


It was at that reunion that I realized it was time to address my physical health, despite my fear. Fortunately, the support I needed appeared when I met a trainer who was unlike any I had encountered before. She provided a tailored nutrition plan and guided me through a gradual exercise routine to prevent injury. Through her guidance, I managed to lose approximately 130 lbs.

Confronting Emotional Eating:

The weight loss journey brought to light

my unhealthy relationship with food and

my body. I recognized my emotional

eating patterns, realizing that simply

going on a diet was not enough to heal

them. Additionally, as I entered

menopause, my changing body intensified

my struggles with body image. It became

evident that more work was necessary.


The Power of Self-Compassion:

I finally realized that the new self-love I had developed over the years through self-help and therapy was what had allowed me to lose the weight in the first place. To find peace with my changing body and heal my emotional eating, I turned once again to self-love. While my weight has fluctuated during my journey of learning and healing, my commitment to my emotional, spiritual, and physical health remains unwavering. Rough patches no longer mean giving up on myself.

This journey is not a quick fix, but the rewards along the way—peace of mind and joy—are immeasurable. Trust that you too can experience the same.


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